Monday, March 24, 2008

What Film is Your Favorite and Why?

The English Patient

An idea hit me when I heard the news that the director of this film died on March 18th 2008. This film's my favoirte.

This is one of the most romantic films ever made and is filled with the joy and anguish of love and war. It shows that while war may create logistical lines that can not be crossed, the heart has no boundaries. Anyone who has ever experienced a love of such emotional intensity and physical longing became one who will understand the love affair of Katherine and Almasy.

Also, I wonder what movie is your favorite and why.

[Best Scene English Patient]

ALMÁSY : I promise I'll come back.
I promise I'll never leave you.


Gibok-Kate said...

I enjoy animations such as Tarzan and Incredible. My sons are young, so they want something fun and active. And I also like something less serious.

Angela said...

I like watching movies. There is no particular movie which I'm crazy about, but I usually enjoy watching touching and emotional ones. As I said on my blog, last weekend I wachted "The Other Boleyn Girl" and two weeks ago I watched "The Kite Runner". "The Kite Runner" was touching but "The Other Boleyn Girl" made me think about power and the reason why people are so obsesed with power.

Nicole said...

Hi Mcluhan,
Your blog is so fantastic with all the media. You're doing really wonderfully.

My favorite movie is Pitchblack, a small budget sci-fi movie that is about redemption.