Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Do you agree or disagree with college admission with donation?

Some people insist that school admission in exchange for money donation goes against the principle of equal opportunity. This allegation is seemingly plausible but not ultimately right. Under the system, wealthy children can choose any university to which they register regardless of their scholastic ability. But they can't graduate from universities if they fail to earn enough credits to graduate. Namely, money-for-admission system would not bring about any unreasonable advantage for those who don't have the ability to graduate. Therefore, the donation-for-school entry system doesn't go against the principals of equity and impartiality. The surging registration fee of most Korean universities has become a hot-button issue for several years. If the government allows universities to grant admission to a student paying certain amount of money, Korean universities won't have to increase registration fees anymore. Also, school authorities will be able to give more studying opportunity to students suffering from financial hardship by using funds raised by the policy.

What is your opinion? I'm all against college admission with donation.


s0311april said...

It depends on where i am. In korea, I don't think it is accepted because 'public sentiment' is very important. I heard western people don't care about other people. They mind their own business. Besides, they don't have as much animosity as Korean people towards rich people because they donate what they have to the underprevileged. I think Koreans have relative sense of deprivation when they feel they are poor while others are rich.

Nicole said...

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Online College Consulting - Applywise said...

Well, that's not fair. Everyone student should pass and graduate simply because they deserve to and never because they pay for it.