Sunday, April 13, 2008

Do you think Lee Soyeon is a real astronaut?

Some people insist that the event of sending the korean into space is a budget waste.
Even some media described her as a Spaceflight Participant or Commercial Users & Tourist. Everybody knows that she just follows the direction provided and controlled by Russia Space Center.

Do you think that this event makes our space science develop and she is a real astronaut?


KIMMIE said...

Hi, Mcluhan..

It's kind of interesting point of view about the first Koean astronaut. I was so crazy about sending her to the space for the first time. It's true that is historical event in Korean. But I don't think she is a real astronaut. Actually, she stands for every normal person who have possibility to join travelling the space. That means she's not specialist in space. Plus, the whole process was dominated by Russia Space Center. We were not in charge of it at all. In this case, how can I start Korean space science development?

Angela said...

Hi Mcluhan,

If we had sent her to the space with our own technology, we really could have been happy and proud of her and our country, Korea. But we all know that we can't leap from the first. It's just a first step. Though we cost astronomical money for it, I think it could make it for our future space science development someday.

Gibok-Kate said...

Hi Mcluhan,
I think she is the first Korean that did some scientific experiments in the space. Strictly speaking, she is not an astronaut, I guess. I agree with Angela.

s0311april said...

Nicole also asked the same question on her blog, and I said I'm against the space race. If Korea really has something to take advantage of by joining the space project, I would agree on the idea. But If it were just a show off to take initiative as sybolice power, I am totally against it. We have more urgent thins to take care of in our country.

Andy's said...

1. The 1st step to the space?
- Agree. We are on the way to launch a space rocket in Goheung, Jeonnam in December, 2008. We need experience and test.

2. Astronaut?
- Maybe not.
But she graduated from Gwangju Science High School and she graduated Kaist. I don't know after that. At least, she is a scientist.