Monday, April 28, 2008

Do you think a college degree is a must?

Some think a college dregree is one of the most important things we can get in life. In college we can learn many important things and train for a profession, life, love and human relationship. However, others don't think a college degree is everything in life. Though they admit students learn many things in college and train for many occupations the essential life skills are the ones you have to develop on your own.

What is your opinion?


Anonymous said...

I think college degree is not everything. When you go into the society, the society needs a lot of diligence and sociable character. Even though you have deep knowledge, if you don't have diligence and sociable character,I think you can't succeed in your job.

Tim-shinhk405 said...

I'm Tim. I think your skit performance was very successful and I really enjoyed it.
Any way now in Korea, because most of the high school graduates go to the university, the high valued universities are mor and more empasized to get the degree. It can be much more meaningful over just a certificate.

Gracie's talking club said...


This is Gracie from class 1. I think a college degree should not be a must. If somebody wants to go to unversity to study more, he(she) might need it. But if somebody doesn't want to study more, it's okay not to go to college. The problem is discrimination in our society. Our social atmosphere should be more mature so that everbody can live happily regardless its school degree, I think.

kate(S0102) said...

Wow, the most difficult question to answer in blogging..

Well, I agree that getting a degree cannot guarantee people can learn all skills and knowledge required in life. And there are some cases tha prove learning something in real life is more helpful and practical. However, considering all the effort and endeavor people make in the process of getting a degree, I think it still worth doing it.

Sammy said...

Hi, Mcluhan
Thank you for visiting my blog and good comment on my acting.

I think educational inflation is getting higher and higher thsese days around the world.

Education is regared as a fair ladder for success, and nobody wants their children left behind in tough competition. So we pour enormous budget into fruitless rat race.

The first step to solve this problem is urge colleges to keep tight curriculum and make students study. And the government and businesses try to make our society a merit system oriented.

But, easier said than done.