Friday, May 2, 2008

How did you feel about the IETTP at KNUE?

Last two months, I really had good time here in KNUE.

First of all, I am so lucky to have nice classmates. They are nice, good, down-to-earth and considerate. They always seem to do their best.

Second, I really appreciate our instructors. Walter, listening instructor, gave me much inspiration of how I can teach my students listening. Reggies, composition instructor, guided me through what a essay is and how I can write a essay in an organized way. Nicole, Conversation Instructor, made a friendly environment to promote our conversation naturally.

Third, I owe IETTP staffs a lot. Without their sacrifices, my KNUE life would be monotonous.

I wonder your opinion. How did you feel ?


Gibok-Kate said...

Hi Mcluhan,
I'm very happy that I almost complete my first session. At first, I was worried I could not keep up with other classmates. But I am still here. I really appreciate our instructors and classmates. I'm satisfied with this program.

Lucy said...

Hi, Maluhan!

I coundn't agree more with you. I've had a really good time here. I could improve my English competence(believe it or not ^^흐흐흐), and meet plenty of excellent teachers. I'd like to say thank-you especially for you. Nobody can deny that you've fulfilled your duty perfectly as a class captain.

I want to say again that I'm so happy to be with our class members.

I wish you a good luck for the next session!

s0311april said...

I think we have more that we are grateful for as we get older. I am grateful for being here, being with my wonderful classmates and dedicating instructors.

Eun-ju, a dandle lion said...

I really enjoy the programme here and I highly think of the well organized programme and instructor's kindness. However, I don't think the staffs are sacrificing themselves( they must not, and actually they aren't) even though I admit they are doing their best.
First of all, I'm impressed with trainees' positve attitude and their hard working, especially preparing for the skit. Teachers are best instructors and staffs here. I love all of you.

kate(S0102) said...

Oh..I love japanese dramas and movies so if you want to know more about those things, pleas ask me^^

Hmm I also feel great about this program. So far the program has been very organized and systematic and each core class has been also very beneficial and effective. But I want to have more free time to take care fo my health and do study on my own. Other than that, I think it is great^^